Nissan S15


4k Car Video Footage | Practice Car Video Editing!
We’re offering this package for up and coming automotive videographers who want to practice car video editing with high quality 4k video footage. By editing this car video footage, you can present your edit to potential clients to show your editing skills and add the video to your own portfolio of work.
We have also linked a final product example of this Rocket Bunny 2JZ Nissan S15 that RoyalZProduction edited as a reference to what your 2JZ S15 video could look like, if not better!


What this package includes: – Library of high quality automotive video footage
– 4k 24FPS Clips
– 4k 60FPS Clips
– Exhaust Audio
– Intake / Turbo Spool Audio
– Location 1: Street Parking
– Location 2: Heritage Church Parking Lot
– Location 3: Rolling Shots Both Wide and Zoomed In
Video equipment used to film the music video footage: – Lumix S1
– MC21 Adapter
– Sigma 35mm f/1.4
– DJI Ronin M
– SmallHD501 External Monitor
– Zoom H1 Recorder
– Rode Lav Mic
Owner of this Rocket Bunny 2JZ Nissan S15: @Manders_S15
Please keep in mind that the download times may take awhile because of the raw 4k footage.