Iron Label Fitness Cinematic

Daniel Ogunrinde

Iron Label Fitness Cinematic

Fitness cinematics? We got em’ on lock! 

Our treatment for this cinematic video was to showcase local fitness clothing brand, Iron Label. For this video, we used a local bodybuilder, Chan who was amazing to work with on set! This video was entirely filmed handheld with a Panasonic Lumix S1 camera, Sigma 35mm f/1.4

(L Mount), Smallrig cage and top handle paired with a SmallHD501 external monitor. Our subject, Chan, took us through what a typical workout routine looks like during a regular training session. We’ve filmed tons of fitness videos in the past but I must say, crossfit training always looks the most intense in front of the camera! Our favourite shot throughout this cinematic was when Chan was showing off his ‘superman push-ups’. This shot was filmed in 4k, 24fps, 10bit with the in body image stabilization turned on. As Chan was at the bottom of the push-up movement, we quickly panned the camera ‘up’ and quickly back down to showcase Chan mid-air after his push-ups. This is a high intensity camera shot that would not be achievable with a gimbal. Throughout the rest of this cinematic, we filmed in various frame rates. 24fps, 60fps and slow motion for speed-ramping purposes, 150fps. 

During the editing process of this video, we purchased a 2000 ‘trailer-hit’ cinematic sound fx pack to really spice this video up and add more of a punch. The sound fx used ranged from anything from trailer-hits, whoosh, fire whoosh, atmosphere whoosh, atmosphere background noise, trailer-transitions and whoosh-to-hit. 

Overall, this was our most cinematic fitness video to date and we can’t wait to work with Iron Label again! 

Iron Label Fitness Cinematic Video: Click Here