Tyse Nett’s Music Video

Daniel Ogunrinde

Tyse Nett’s Music Video

Tyse Nett – I Miss You 

Our first music video production at Subtle Cinematics. This music video was for local recording artist, Tyse Nett from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our treatment for this music video was based on a broken relationship storyline. The artist played himself and we had an actress (Cathryn) play the role of the women who broke Tyse’s heart. Throughout the visual, we show flashbacks of Tyse and Cathryn in multiple park settings as well as a bedroom scene. We ended up coming up with an idea for the performance scenes on set with the artist. The premise of this concept was to have the actress freeze when Tyse’s performance scenes started. Tyse would then turn to Cathryn and begin to rap the lyrics to her as she stood still. Once his verse was complete and the chorus began to play, we would have Cathryn begin moving again as if the moment in time never happened.  This is a perfect example of great artist – director communication on set. It’s very important to make sure your extras feel comfortable and involved.  Being open to creative ideas on set from all parties involved in the production is what led to this brilliant performance scene idea that ended up becoming the staple of the video. It’s OK to go off-script from your original treatment! 

For the final scenes of this music video, we used a simple bedroom set with an Aputure 300D II and Aputure honeycomb grid/softbox. Another idea we implemented into this scene was taping polaroid photos of Tyse and Cathryn from the ceiling with clear fishing line. The polaroid photos were captured throughout the day of filming on set. The idea of having these polaroids ‘floating’ in the frame were to connect the viewer to Tyse’s memories he had with Cathryn. The bedroom scenes were captured in various frame rates. We started with 4k, 24fps at 10bit colour with the DJI Ronin M gimbal to achieve smooth panning motions. We then switched to 4k, 60fps at 8bit colour and went handheld to achieve a more ‘unstable/natural’ movement while pushing in and out from Tyse on the bed. We then finished this set with b-roll clips shot in slow motion 150fps. 

This was a very successful music video shoot and Tyse was very happy with the final edit! We have tons of projects in the pipeline with Tyse Nett in the near future! 

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